I help you to:

• Find your personal work life balance

• Land a job which meets your personal needs

• Start your own company

• Improve your self-confidence and manage your emotions

• Be more self-assertive

Dirk Bremkamp Coaching
Dirk Bremkamp Coaching
Dirk Bremkamp Coaching

You seek to:                                               

• Change your career, your profession, your job

• Overcome difficulties in your professional environment

• Start a company either in Belgien or abroad

• Improve the performance of your company and/or your staff

• Better integrate abroad in both your professional and your private environment

In which situation a coaching can be helpful?

Career Coaching

Career Coaching addresses at people being in a difficult professional situation.

It covers:

• Career management, in particular a career change

• Career transition (outplacement)

• Cope better with stress, conflicts and better manage your working time

• Improving your performance

• Clarify motivation and objectifs

• Accompagniement when changing jobs

Start a company

This type of coaching adresses at people who want to work as an independant set up

their own company. It covers:

• Clarification of your motivation to become independant

• Thorough examination of your project and feasibility study

• Finance your project and risks of being an entrepreneur

• Develop a marketing strategie and testing your project

• Start of your project in compliance with applicable legislation and choice of legal

   status of your company

Intercultural Coaching und Integration

This type of coaching addresses at people who work and/or live in a foreign country. It covers:

• Facilitating the perception of your own, through cultural components

   influenced behavior

• Understand the specific cultural practices of the "other" and become aware of

   the cultural differences

• Abandonment of thinking in stereotypes and to transform the cultural differences

   into advantages

• Better integration in a multicultural environment, especially in an other country

• React appropriately to cultural differences and avoid conflicts

Executive Coaching

This type of coaching addresses at people in a leadership position. It covers:

• Manage yourself and to become aware of your own leadership style

• Improve your performance as leader

• Solve problems within a team

• Transition periods and obstacles

Coaching International Partnership

This type of coaching addresses at small and medium sized companies who want to develop

their activities into a foreign country. It covers:

• Help when setting up or finalising an international partnership

• Clarification of questions regarding management, financing, productivity and

   technical know-how

• Establish and assert in an international market in particular in German-speaking


This coaching is subsidised. The « Chèque coaching » is a subsidy grantet by the

Agence Wallonne de l'Exportation (AWEX). You find more information on the website of the AWEX. 

If you have questions you can also call me (0473 36 14 67) and send me an email.

In practice

you will learn to:

• Develop your personal career project based on your

   professional experience

• Define your search strategy and to develop a marketing plan

   (e.g. which recruiting channels are best for you)

• Write a professional curriculum vitae and a motivation letters

• Better present yourself during an interview

• Enlarge your professional network, use of social media

• Improve your communication skills

In practice

you will learn to:

• Get to know your strengths and weaknesses as


• Analyse your market and to write a business plan

• Know your market better and to find more clients

• Determine the right price for your services/products

• Know all administrative procedures when setting up your


In practice

you will learn to:

• Transit successfully into a new position in an intercultural


• Adapt your own behavoiur appropriately

• Improve your intercultural competencies

• Anticipate problems which can result of intercultural relations

In practice

you will learn to:

• Communicate better and more efficient

• Know how to apply diffent leadership styles

• Improve the performance of your team members and the team

Manage the transition process

In practice

you will learn to:

• Work efficiently with lists of suppliers, agencies, in particular

   to choose the right partner for you

• Prepare a trade faire and to do the necessary follow-up

• Work with people from german speaking cultures (Germany, Austria,

   German-speaking Switzerland)